A PhD thesis about RTSJ

My PhD thesis focused on RTSJ is titled:

SOLEIL : An Integrated Approach for Designing and Developing Component-based Real-time Java Systems

The defense of this thesis will take plate at INRIA Lille, France on September 14, 1:30 pm. Visitors are welcomed.

The thesis can be downloaded from: SOLEIL thesis download.


A New Real-time Java Book

Recently, a new book about RTSJ has been published:


Real-Time Java™ Programming with Java RTS

by Eric J. Bruno; Greg Bollella, Prentice Hall, 2009

Read it online here.


Real-time Java Programming - Introduction

New to the world of real-time and real-time Java programming?

Look at my Real-time Java programming in 10 minutes presentation:

When searching for more information about real-time programming in general, try the
Douglas E. Jensen Tutorial.


JTRES’09 Workshop

“This is the place to be.”      

Greg Bollella

JTRES is a workshop of Java Technologies for Real-Time and Embedded Systems. Annually, RTSJ professionals, researchers and fans are meeting to discuss, exchange…

We will be there too, presenting our CDx paper - an open-source RTSJ benchmark.

This year in Madrid, Spain. See more at JTRES Home Page.