A New Real-time VM Was Born - Fiji VM

The new virtual machine for real-time world is here. Fiji VM technology enables developers to:
  • Seamlessly integrate pure Java code into real-time, safety-critical, and mission-critical systems.
  • Deploy on a broad range of hardware and operating systems, ranging from ARM and ERC32 to PowerPC and x86/x86_64, from RTEMS to Linux or Darwin.
  • Boot Java from bare hardware - for small footprint (100KB) applications, Fiji VM provides the unique ability to boot Java from bare hardware.
  • Execute Java with deterministic garbage collection, as well as full support for safe GC-less allocation.
  • Achieve high performance execution. From the peformance perspective, Fiji VM seems very promising, having only 40% slow down comparing to C.
Fiji VM library choicesFiji VM technology offers a variety of footprint and library options to the developer, if extremely small footprint (100KB) is desired, Fiji offers Fiji HardRTJ library.

To give you a better picture, here is how FijiVM fits into the whole stuck:

fiji diagram
Fiji VM 1.0 release is coming in December 2009. More at Fiji Systems LLC home page.