oSCJ Released!

We are happy to announce
oSCJ : open Safety-Critical Java implementation 
has been released.

The oSCJ distribution contains:
  • Library
    • SCJ Level 0 library implementation
    • an RTSJ-compatible implementation for evaluating SCJ on top of RTSJ VMs
  • SCJ-compliant VM
    • our VM is based on OVM
    • we provide support also for FijiVM
  • Tools 
    • Checker - a static checker for proving memory safety of SCJ programs and other properties
    • TCK - Technology Compatibility Kit for SCJ
  • Benchmark Suite 
    • HelloWorld example for experimenting with SCJ
    • miniCDj - SCJ implementation of our CDx benchmark
Download the distribution from oSCJ webpage.
    Enjoy and we are looking forward to your feedback!


    Collision Detector Benchmark : A New Version Released

    We have just released a new version of CDx : Open-source Realtime Collision Detector benchmark.
    Download our CDx benchmark version 1.1 here.

    This new version is largely simplified, specially the simulation of the input Frames is changed, now each frame is computed on-the-fly. The version 1.1 of the benchmark is used in two research papers recently published at EuroSys'10 and PLDI'10, see our list of publications.

    The CDx benchmark is now distributed under the New BSD License.