A New Real-time VM Was Born - Fiji VM

The new virtual machine for real-time world is here. Fiji VM technology enables developers to:
  • Seamlessly integrate pure Java code into real-time, safety-critical, and mission-critical systems.
  • Deploy on a broad range of hardware and operating systems, ranging from ARM and ERC32 to PowerPC and x86/x86_64, from RTEMS to Linux or Darwin.
  • Boot Java from bare hardware - for small footprint (100KB) applications, Fiji VM provides the unique ability to boot Java from bare hardware.
  • Execute Java with deterministic garbage collection, as well as full support for safe GC-less allocation.
  • Achieve high performance execution. From the peformance perspective, Fiji VM seems very promising, having only 40% slow down comparing to C.
Fiji VM library choicesFiji VM technology offers a variety of footprint and library options to the developer, if extremely small footprint (100KB) is desired, Fiji offers Fiji HardRTJ library.

To give you a better picture, here is how FijiVM fits into the whole stuck:

fiji diagram
Fiji VM 1.0 release is coming in December 2009. More at Fiji Systems LLC home page.


  1. "Java on bare metal" sounds very promising. Would this version of Fiji be fully RTSJ-compliant?

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  4. Yes, Fiji will be fully RTSJ compliant.

  5. Hello Ales ... Could you send me fiji Vm? please, is for the University of Colima, Mexico.