oSCJ Released!

We are happy to announce
oSCJ : open Safety-Critical Java implementation 
has been released.

The oSCJ distribution contains:
  • Library
    • SCJ Level 0 library implementation
    • an RTSJ-compatible implementation for evaluating SCJ on top of RTSJ VMs
  • SCJ-compliant VM
    • our VM is based on OVM
    • we provide support also for FijiVM
  • Tools 
    • Checker - a static checker for proving memory safety of SCJ programs and other properties
    • TCK - Technology Compatibility Kit for SCJ
  • Benchmark Suite 
    • HelloWorld example for experimenting with SCJ
    • miniCDj - SCJ implementation of our CDx benchmark
Download the distribution from oSCJ webpage.
    Enjoy and we are looking forward to your feedback!

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